Tips To Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling

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Diamond Rings

Diamonds can easily attract oil and dirt which can cause them to lose their sparkle. It is important to keep your diamonds clean to maintain their shine and beauty. So we share some tips that can be beneficial for you to maintain the look of your diamond rings at their best.

Handle Your Diamonds With Care

These stones are natural magnets for dirt and oil, and it can be difficult for you to keep them clean and sparkling. Therefore, you should take care when handling your diamond jewelry. The oil in your hands can adhere to the surface of your diamonds thereby reducing their brilliance.

It is better to take off your diamond ring when you engage in tasks that can cause your diamonds to get dirty. Removing your diamond ring while cooking, gardening, or doing other strenuous activities can help to prevent dirt from getting collected on your stone.

Clean Your Diamond Jewelry Regularly

Keeping your diamond rings clean can be beneficial for maintaining their brilliance and sparkle. So make sure to clean your diamond jewelry regularly to remove the dirt and oil present on the surface of your stones.

You can clean your diamonds at home by using a mild degreasing solution. Mix mild dish wash in hot water to create a good degreasing solution for cleaning your ring. After soaking your diamond jewelry in this solution, rub the diamonds using a soft brush to remove the dirt trapped between the metal and the stone. You have to clean your ring at home once or twice a week, and you can take your diamond jewelry to a jeweler once in a while to clean it professionally.

Use A Gentle Touch

Antique jewelry, rings with delicate settings, tension-set rings, etc. can be easily get damaged when a greater force is applied to them while cleaning. So when using a toothbrush to clean your diamond rings, it is better to use it gently to avoid damage to your jewelry.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Make sure to avoid harsh chemicals and strong cleaning agents when cleaning your diamonds. They can damage your stones and metal. Whether your ring has natural or lab grown diamonds, it is important to be careful when choosing a cleaning agent for them. Be aware that chemicals like chlorine might damage the metal of your jewelry.

Always keep your diamonds clean to maintain their brilliance and beauty. But you should be careful when cleaning your stones to avoid their damage. Handle them gently and use mild cleaning agents to prevent your diamond jewelry from getting damaged.

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