Why Cleaning Your Diamond Ring Is Important?

Counterfeit Diamond Rings
Counterfeit Diamond Rings
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Lab Grown Diamonds

Everyone loves their diamond rings to exhibit great shine and brilliance. But it is important for you to keep the rings clean for your stones to sparkle. The following are some of the important things you have to know about cleaning your diamond rings.

Why Cleaning Your Rings Are Important?

It is very likely for dirt and oil to get trapped in different parts of your ring. Your natural and lab grown diamonds can easily attract dirt and oil which can accumulate on their surface irrespective of the origin. This can prevent the light from entering the stone thereby reducing the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds.

Additionally, the accumulation of dirt and debris can cause your gemstones to get scratched.

When dirt gets trapped inside the ring, it can lead to the build-up of bacteria and other microbes thereby resulting in different skin issues. Dirty rings can cause allergies, irritation, and skin infections.

Therefore, it is important to keep your ring clean to prevent all these issues. Not cleaning your ring properly can diminish its beauty and might lead to different skin issues.

How Often Do You Have To Clean Your Ring?

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

How often you should clean your ring can be dependent on how much you wear. If you wear your ring occasionally, there is no need to clean it frequently. But if you wear your diamond rings on an everyday basis, then it is better to clean them once every two weeks.

Diamonds have more durability in comparison with other stones. Hence, they can withstand wear and tear issues to a great extent. As these stones are highly resilient, they can be cleaned more aggressively and more often.

Apart from cleaning your diamond rings yourself, you have to take them to a jeweler occasionally to do a professional cleaning.

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Diamond Rings

Make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your rings, as they can damage your metal and stones. Use mild dish wash to clean your ring, as it won’t cause any damage.

Additionally, avoid aggressive scrubbing and submersing the ring in liquids for a long time. Use a soft brush to rub off the dirt and grease from your ring and use a soft and lint-free cloth to wipe off the water after cleaning.

Be gentle when cleaning your ring, as aggressive cleaning can make your ring get scratched and damaged. If your ring is damaged in any way, then it is better to avoid cleaning it yourself. You can take it to a jeweler who can clean the ring professionally without damaging it further.

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