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Diamond Rings
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

A ring for an engagement is usually a timeless token of love, which makes it important to purchase the right piece for your fiancée. Making that purchase requires considering several factors. Go through the following list of questions on engagement rings to get an idea about how to approach the purchase.

How Much Do I Have To Spend On The Ring?

There is a misconception that people should invest three months’ salary in engagement jewelry pieces. You do not need to do so because jewelry marketers play a part in propagating that notion.

Truth be told, there is no hard and fast rule about the amount of money that one should pay for the jewelry piece. It largely depends on your fiancée’s preferences and your budget. Many people prefer smaller and affordable jewels, whereas others prefer more vintage pieces of jewelry. Buy the right piece of jewelry for your intended instead of one that conforms to what social networking website users recommend.

Should I Make A Custom Engagement Ring?

A custom-designed engagement ring will seem more romantic as compared to an off-the-shelf piece. Why? Because it takes more consideration to create the ring that suits a particular person.

Several jewelers offer customization services, allowing buyers to choose from a range of styles and designs as well as diamond qualities. It allows for a more competitive pricing strategy as well. Specialist jewelers often have a ring builder online to help customers pick their styles, metals, gemstones, and settings to simplify the process.

In What Way Can I Identify The Ring Size Of My Intended?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Are you planning to keep your engagement under wraps? If so, remember that it requires a bit of planning. It is perhaps worthwhile to discreetly ask friends or family about the other rings that your intended wears. Thus, you could borrow one of those rings and take it to a jeweler for sizing. Can you get the ring from her house for it? If you cannot do it, trace the inner side and compare the part against a ring size guide available on the internet. Do not bother excessively about this, as it is possible to resize almost every ring.

What Are laboratory-made Diamonds?

Artificial diamonds are also a potential choice for people concerned about diamond mining and its social and environmental impact. These are grown from small diamond seeds from a mine under lab conditions mimicking volcanic temperature and pressure. Thanks to their source, lab grown diamonds are up to about 40% more affordable than their mined counterparts.

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