How To Take Good Care Of An Engagement Ring?

Diamonds Vs. Titanium
Diamonds Vs. Titanium
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Your engagement rings should be maintained properly to avoid damage and wear and tear issues. If your ring carries precious stones like diamonds, then make sure to clean it regularly to maintain their bling. The following tips can be helpful for you to take good care of your diamond rings.

Purchase Insurance

Diamonds can be very costly and you will have to endure a huge loss if these stones get damaged, stolen, or lost. Hence it is better to insure your diamonds to avoid such monetary losses over these stones. Nevertheless, be aware that the value of your diamond can decrease over time, so if you lose a stone after ten years of buying it, the amount you get will be fairly less than the amount you have purchased it for.

Do Not Touch The Center Stone

Whether your ring has natural or lab grown diamonds, they can easily get cloudy if dirt and oil stick to them. This can reduce the brilliance and sparkle of these stones thereby giving a dull look to your engagement ring. Therefore, make sure not to touch your stones to avoid the dirt and oil on your fingers adhering to them.

Keep Your Ring Clean

Cleaning your ring regularly can be helpful to maintain its shine. Fix an appointment with your jeweler to clean your ring professionally once in a while.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals When Cleaning Your Ring

Harsh chemicals can damage your stones and metal. So always clean your ring with mild cleaning solutions. Avoid the use of bleach and other strong chemicals when cleaning your engagement ring.

Check The Prongs

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

If your ring contains prongs that are used for holding the stones to the band, then it is better to check them regularly. These prongs can get loose over time and it can lead to the loss of your precious stones. You should occasionally check if there are any loose or damaged prongs on your ring to avoid your stones getting lost.

Be Careful When Resizing Your Ring

Rings with delicate settings can get damaged easily while resizing. If your ring has stones on the band, then it is better to avoid resizing it to avoid damage to these stones. Rings with tension settings can also get damaged easily if resized. If you want to adjust the size of such rings, then you can use sizing beads to resize them temporarily.

Consider these tips to maintain your engagement ring properly, as it is to be worn for a lifetime.

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