Cubic Zirconia Versus Lab-Made Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

When seeking pieces of jewelry such as engagement rings, you may wonder whether to choose diamonds or diamond-like stones like cubic zirconia. It is nigh-impossible for a layperson to compare cubic zirconia and artificial diamonds. Both stones have a similar appearance and many major differences. If you do not wish to purchase mined diamond jewelry, you might need to tell these two stones apart. In that case, you can use this comparison between cubic zirconia and lab grown diamonds as a guide.

What Are The Distinctions Between Cubic Zirconia And Synthetic Diamonds?

Both stones have different physical and chemical compositions. Here, we will discuss ways of differentiating both stones.


Artificial diamonds are more durable as compared to cubic zirconia. It is attributed to the vast difference in the hardness quotient of both gems. Artificial diamonds have a perfect rating on the so-called Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, whereas 8.5 is the rating of cubic zirconia. Therefore, cubic zirconia can scratch more easily and is less durable as compared to an artificial diamond.

Cut And Facets

For a mineral, cubic zirconia that comes in a shaped and polished form is soft. On the other hand, a diamond differs in terms of the sharpness of its edges. Artificial diamonds have sharp edges. Conversely, faceted CZ stones have more rounded edges as well as that will become rounder due to wear and tear.


Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Artificial diamonds and cubic zirconia have different levels of dispersion. Dispersion is a process that occurs in a diamond where the stone splits light into different colors. The dispersion in a cubic zirconia gem is higher. It means that when the gemstone gets exposed to natural light, it will show more colorful flashes as compared to lab diamonds.


Synthetic diamonds are not as heavy as cubic zirconia. You can differentiate both stones with a weight comparison.


Artificial diamonds and natural diamonds have the same set of characteristics. Whether it is natural or artificial, a diamond is pricier as compared to a cubic zirconia gemstone of the same weight. Cubic zirconia comes at a lesser price than an artificial diamond with similar clarity, size, and color. For the above reasons, many people on tight budgets regard cubic zirconia as a great engagement ring option. That said, it is not a good idea to make price the determinant when shopping for jewelry.

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