Engagement Rings With Pearl Stones Instead Of Diamonds

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Inarguably, more people purchase engagement jewelry set with natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds. An engagement ring with pearl can be just as breath-taking as its diamond counterpart, though. Pearl is an elegant stone, so you might have considered it for an engagement ring. Pearl jewelry pieces are trending and for good reason. Here, we will discuss what engagement rings set with pearl stones represent and more about the gem.

What A Pearl Ring Signifies

Pearl represents integrity, generosity, loyalty and purity. These are the qualities important for any union. As per an Engagement Ring History report, the pearl was regarded as the gemstone of sincerity in ancient Europe and was a popular engagement ring option until diamonds pervaded the zeitgeist of the 1800s.

Which Are The Forms Of Pearl Stones?

You may come across these types of pearl gemstones in the market.

Freshwater Pearl

It could be discovered in any part of the world. However, freshwater pearl stones are made in China on a large scale and are affordable options for people who seek great deals on their jewelry. Freshwater pearl stones come in an array of colors, including yellow, orange, purple and pink.

Saltwater Pearl

Oysters produce saltwater pearl stones in the ocean. An oyster shell contains only a saltwater pearl stone, which makes it rare and more desirable. These forms of pearl stones have a glossier look and superior luster as compared to their freshwater counterparts.

Tahitian Pearl

These are the stones commonly discovered in islands in French Polynesia, including Tahiti. A form of saltwater pearl, a Tahitian pearl stone is the only form that occurs in black as well as can sprout in brown, gray, purple, green and brown hues.

Akoya Pearl

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

When you imagine a usual pearl necklace, you might picture an Akoya pearl string. This form of saltwater pearl is grown mostly in China and Japan’s cooler bodies of water. It has more luster as compared to other saltwater pearl types. The mirror-like sparkle and the incomparable roundness of the stone make it appealing. Akoya pearl stones can have white, yellow, white, blue or pink body colors alongside silver, green or pink overtones.

Southsea Pearl

It is the costliest form of pearl. The saltwater pearl stone grows in the Philippines and Australia and comes in cream, silver, orangey-yellow, white and yellow variations. It does not have as brilliant a luster as other pearl types.

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