Daily Activities That Can Damage Your Diamond Rings

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

The indestructibility of pricey lab-grown diamond rings is a myth. It is, in fact, pretty delicate. Wearing them during specific daily activities puts their structure and integrity at risk, resulting in you losing them in the sinks, streets, etc. The finer a piece of jewelry is, the more probable it is to be destroyed by normal wear and tear.

You should avoid doing the following activities while wearing diamond rings that can help safeguard those priceless diamonds from damage and expensive repairs.

House Cleaning

Doing household chores may cause significant damage to your diamond ring if you are not being careful. Broken prongs and claws can lead to diamonds and other jewels loosening and falling out if your rings are knocked against surfaces, especially hard metal. The surface of silver, gold, or platinum can be scratched. Cleaning chemicals might harm your beautiful jewelry as well. Discoloration and tarnish can be avoided by removing your rings prior to using these abrasive materials.


If you hit those lab-grown diamond rings hard enough, the claws that hold them in position can easily be broken. The mechanisms that hold your diamonds may flex or completely break as a result of this. The diamond is likely to drop out whenever those claws are damaged or broken. It isn’t the sweat that we are concerned about. When you exercise – lifting weights or participating in sports – you run the danger of shattering or cracking your jewelry. While many diamonds are tough, that doesn’t mean they won’t chip if put under enough stress.


When we are sleeping, nobody stays exactly motionless. Diamond rings, necklaces, and bracelets are susceptible to getting slapped, scratched, or scraped on a variety of surfaces due to our frequent and unconscious actions. It’s also possible to shatter jewelry while sleeping. The ring could become entangled on pillows, blankets, and body parts as we toss and turn.

Cooking Or Gardening

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

Although gardening and cooking are two distinct activities, both might harm your diamond ring. Gardening without gloves can be harmful to your rings, and hitting them against objects can break prongs and diamonds. Cooking oils and grease can accumulate within the cavities of diamond rings. This causes deterioration and might cause major structural damage to your rings.

Putting On Makeup

The last thing you should do in the morning is put on your jewelry. Makeup, perfume, and sometimes even hairspray may wreak havoc on your ring. These products can also get stuck in cavities, combining to form a combination that corrodes metals.

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