How To Choose A Diamond That Sparkle?

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The brilliance and sparkle of diamonds are important features that attract people to these stones. The intensity of sparkle can vary between diamonds, and not all diamonds shine alike. So if you want your diamond to have great shine, it is important to choose the right one.

Sparkle is highly important for diamonds, as it is an important characteristic that sets these stones apart from other gemstones. Therefore, when getting diamonds, you have to ensure that they sparkle and shine well.

There are certain important features that determine the sparkle and brilliance exhibited by diamonds. Some of them are listed below so that you can choose the shiniest diamond:

The Cut Of A Diamond

A diamond exhibits the most brilliance and sparkle when it is cut in the right way. Diamonds with good cut quality sparkle well in comparison with diamonds that have poor cut quality.

If the cut grade is “excellent”, then the diamond can reflect and refract light in a better way so that it can exhibit a brilliant sparkle. You have to analyze the diamond grading report to find out the grade given to the cut quality of your diamonds.

The Color Of A Diamond

Colorless diamonds can exhibit the most sparkle. If you want a marvelous shine for your engagement rings, then go for diamonds with better color grades.

The Clarity Of A Diamond

Clarity is another important factor that can impact the brilliance of diamonds. If your diamonds have too many inclusions and blemishes, their sparkle can reduce.

But you don’t have to waste your money buying a diamond with higher clarity grades. Instead, you should go for eye-clean diamonds that do not have any visible flaws when observed with naked eyes.

How To Get A Diamond With Great Sparkle?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

To choose a diamond that sparkles well, there are certain important things you have to do. One among them is examining the light under four light sources including spotlighting, mixed lighting, diffused lighting, and natural daylight.

If you value the sparkle of diamonds more, then it is important to choose the right diamond shape that can exhibit great brilliance. The round brilliants are the best choice for people who want their ring to be shiny, as they exhibit the most sparkle. The next best option is princess-cut diamonds that can also shine brilliantly.

All these features are applicable for both natural and lab grown diamonds, as both of these stones shine alike. So make sure to consider them when getting your engagement rings. RockHer has a wide range of diamonds where you can customize your ring to perfection.

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