What To Know About Step-Cut Diamonds

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The cut of diamonds is divided into different categories including brilliant, step, mixed, and rose. Each category of cut has distinct characteristics that make it different from others. The appearance, brilliance, fire, and scintillation of diamonds can greatly vary based on the cut. Therefore, it is significant for you to know about different types of diamond cuts to determine which one suits your requirements.

This article covers some of the important things you want to know about-step cut diamonds that are known for their elongated shape and parallel facets. Read along if you prefer to go with some distinct options for your diamond rings:

What Are Step-Cut Diamonds?

Step-cut diamonds come with eight lines that run down their sides. These lines help to draw better attention toward the center of the stone. A step-cut diamond also features stepped facets that are running in parallel lines along the length and width of the stone, similar to the steps of a pyramid.

Diamond shapes that come under the step-cut family are Asscher, emerald, and baguette-cut diamonds. While Asscher and emerald-cut diamonds are commonly used as center stones for engagement rings, baguettes appear as side stones or accent stones in rings and other pieces of diamond jewelry.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds: Emerald-cut diamonds come with a rectangular shape along with cropped corners. It has a shallow cut and features a large table. It is less brilliant than most other diamond shapes but is known for the unique Hall of mirrors it can create.

Asscher-Cut Diamonds: This diamond shape has a distinctive ‘X’ present on its table and is more brilliant than other step-cut diamond shapes. It is similar to an emerald diamond, as it has cut corners, however, an Asscher diamond has a square shape instead of a rectangular one.

Baguette-Cut Diamonds: Baguette diamonds also have a rectangular silhouette and are very thin. It has fewer facets than other step-cut diamonds, hence, its brilliance and sparkle can be low too.

Buying A Step-Cut Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Step-cut diamonds usually have a large table and they are less brilliant than brilliant-cut diamonds. Hence, they can easily show color and imperfections in a stone. Therefore, it is important to go for step-cut diamonds with higher color and clarity grades.

Step-cut diamonds are less costly than most brilliant-cut diamonds like round, oval, and princess. You can further reduce the price of your step-cut diamond rings by going for lab grown diamonds.

Therefore, step-cut diamonds can be a cost-effective and distinct option for your diamond jewelry when compared to other common shapes like round and oval.

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